Animated attention seekers

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Made by Alejandro U. Alvarez • MIT License


# Getting started

Add sonar as a class to any element to activate.

Use sonar-infinite to make the animation loop forever.

# Animations

You can use sonar-stroke for border animation, or sonar-fill for background animation.

# Triggers

Use sonar-hover or sonar-click for custom triggers

# Delay

Use sonar-delay to set the animation delay to 1s. You can also use sonar-delay-short, sonar-delay-shorter, sonar-delay-long and sonar-delay-longer for different timings

# Colors

Sonar will inherit the border/background colors. But sonar supports all the bootstrap colors, so you can use sonar-default, sonar-primary, sonar-success, sonar-info, sonar-warning, and sonar-danger.

All colors are compatible with sonar-stroke and sonar-fill

Hover to activate:
primary warning info danger